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GM-GMP - Arbitrary-precision arithmetic library - Maarten Baert

This is a GM port of the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library. GMP is a library for arbitrary-precision arithmetic, which means doing calculations with numbers with unlimited precision (the precision is only limited by the available memory).

Photon - GFX engine - PsichiX

Photon is simple to use and light-weight graphics library based on high technology of rendering which allow to make efficient rendering process. Support: VBO (vertex buffers), FBO (textures as frame buffers), GLSL shaders (graphics effects for advanced graphics rendering), matrix operations, multitexturing, float textures.

GMTorrent - Revel

DLL that allows you to download torrents. You can download multiple torrents simultaneously on a thread so it wont freeze or interrupt your game window while downloading.

GmMySQL - h0bbel

A Game Maker DLL to interact with a MySQL database.

gmFTP - h0bbel

Use the FTP protocol in Game Maker.

DLLCrypt - score_under

It's a DLL that will encrypt other DLLs, carefully skipping over important portions of the PE header and the resource section, so that it keeps the version data and icons intact.

File Compare - Agamer

This DLL/Extension will check two given files and return if they are the same.

ProcessLauncher.DLL - Big J

Allows GM to run a process from a given directory.

AllocAsm - cabreak

AllocAsm allocates memory in your application and allows you to add assembler instructions into the allocated memory, execute them and store results in simple variables which you can use outside the DLL.

Video Capture DLL - Frostblade

Save your game's display to an avi file in realtime.

MouseControl DLL - tamper2

This GM tailored DLL gives you full control over your mouse.

Prime Finder DLL - tomster1996

Finds primes quickly in GM.

Ether Network Library - PsichiX

Ether is a network library for Game Maker that supports sockets to network communication, buffers to store data, sessions for automated client-server communication, HTTP requests to communicate with Web servers (asynchronous download/upload files and data from/to the server), and XML languages reader (HTML websites).

GmEffect - sdx

With this DLL you are able to apply over 30 different effects to backgrounds.

Local IP DLL - acejack

Very simple, this DLL gets the local IP address of the computer your using. This is an alternative way from the in-built Game Maker function mplay_ipaddress(); which is very slow. This DLL allows you to get the local IP address in 0.03 seconds.

Buzzer DLL - da gamer

Allows the use of the system buzzer to be used in a game.

GMHardwareID - misturx

Reports various hardware ID's, to help make a more secure registration system for Game Maker shareware authors.

GMRudeConfig - hanson

A library to ease managing the content of ini and configuration files, it is a wrapper of RudeConfig.

pxtoneGM - Kindred

pxtone is a free music editor suite written by Pixel, the creator of Cave Story, that comes with several tools for creating chiptunes and chipsounds. It also supports creating music from WAV sound files much like a regular music tracker.

GPathfinding - paul23

A generic, cell-based "A*" pathfinding DLL for Game Maker.

GMFreeSL - BagnoHax

GMFreeSL is an OpenAL wrapper powered by FreeSL library, which is OpenAL wrapper for C++.

Sin Bass DLL - Sindarin

This DLL utilizes the Bass Sound System to enhance Game Maker's limited sound capabilities. It can playback the AIFF/MP3/MP2/MP1/OGG and WAV sound formats. You can use it both for music and sound effects.

Lime Audio - BagnoHax

Lime Audio is a free audio module from Lime Toolkit for Windows.

XeAudiere - PsichiX

XeAudiere is a wrapper for Audiere audio engine.

Visual Library DLL (OpenCV) - robogame

The Visual Library DLL is based on OpenCV and allows Game Maker developers to access and analyze webcam images.

GFFI - DLLs Done Right - Clam

Ever wished that Game Maker's DLL system wasn't so limited? Four string arguments not enough? Want to pass an argument that's not a double? Sick of having to compile a DLL to wrap a single measly WinAPI function? GFFI might be what you've been looking for.

Color Grabber - Revel

This is the same as the draw_getpixel() function but it can grab a pixel color from anywhere on the screen (and not just the GM window). It is also slightly faster.

GMOgre3D - Houdini

GMOgre3D is a GM port of the extremely popular open source OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) 3D engine.

NArrayDLL - margoose

This DLL allows you to use multiple dimensional arrays.

Big Integer DLL - halo shg

Handles big integers.

gmPython - Hach-Que

gmPython allows you to use the Python language to extend your game.

Ex3d - Coordinate Conversions - doug25

Converts 3d coordinates to 2d screen space and screen coordinates to 3d world coordinates.

Custom Popup Menu DLL - doug25

Custom windows popup menus.

Download Manager 2 - h0bbel

Improved download manager to support more simultaneous downloads.

Perlin Noise - Skarik

Generates Perlin noise. Possible uses include textures, clouds, detail maps, bump maps, rocks, planet generation, etc.

Precise 3D Collisions - brett14

Precise 3D collisions in Game Maker.

Xenon Playgate - PsichiX

What is XenoN? It is a powerful engine for games and applications, in the current version uses 3 modules: Photon (graphics), Chaos (physics) and Echo (sounds).

ExtremePhysics - Maarten Baert

ExtremePhysics is a 2D physics simulation engine designed for Game Maker.

Sin Accesskey DLL - Sindarin

This DLL will deactivate Sticky Keys, Filter Keys, Toggle Keys and Mouse Keys.

Metaphone - TheMagicNumber

Uses Lawrence Phillips' Metaphone algorithm that (should) index words by their English pronunciation. It is supposedly more accurate then Soundex.

Advanced Console - TheMagicNumber

Threaded console DLL with event system for keyboard and mouse input.

CRC32 File Hashing DLL - Evilish

CRC32 file hashing, this is VERY fast, capable of crunching a 8Gb file in a few seconds.

Process Finding DLL - Stryke

Basically what it does is looks for a specified process either by its filename or window name and tells you if it's running or not.

Swiix : Skarik's Wiimote Controls - Skarik

Use the Wiimote in GM.

COM4GM - freaked

COM4GM is a DLL to call functions from COM objects in a very VBA style.

CleanMem - halo shg

Reduces your games memory footprint by clearing up unused memory.

WiiMote Control - Mr. Wolf

Use the Wiimote in your Game Maker Game.

EZsql - A Simple, Easy MySQL Connector - Revel

Simple mysql connector that can be used to execute basic queries such as "SELECT" , "INSERT", "UPDATE", etc.

Terrain DLL (Destructible Terrain) - 39ster

This DLL can be used to create games that require destructible terrain.

Arch DLL - TheMagicNumber

Simple archive DLL, with ZLib compression, encryption, and more.

Cypher - Simple External Resource (Archive) Manager - Revel

Basically you can open an archive, add files, Extract files and re-write the archive. Each file you add to the archive can have its own individual encryption password, but you can also encrypt the whole package with another password to add dual security.

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